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Duelist Name: Sameonna Leone
Age: 22
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 115 Lbs
Birthdate: June 12th
Appearance: (Avatar)

Sameonna Leone Tdo11
Personality: Strangers or people who had often heard of Sameonna would often overlook the fact that she was young, and the fact that she was a woman, so much so because of her capability to duel and strategize like a professional duelist at the age of twelve. This had a lot to do with the influencial force that lead Sameonna to the Rare Hunters at age thirteen. Joining their ranks, she defeated the former King of the Rare Hunters, and became their Queen. Their youngest one at that. For the last nine years Sameonna has lived her life within Southern Keiritsu, directing the Rare Hunters to their take over status that they now have today. Back when Sameonna joined, the Rare Hunters only seemed to occupy a few minor blocks throughout the small city, but with Sameonna's level of political awareness and dueling prowess, she slowly but surely expanded the region of space Rare Hunters can occupy without fear of law enforcement.

Sameonna eventually developed feelings of loneliness and emptiness when she was forced to face other Duelists in a tournament known as the Shadow Kingdom, a competition in which the losers lost their souls forever. With each Duelist she defeated, she came closer to her goal of Obelisk the Tormentor. Eventually, she had achieved it, though the flashbacks of the faces of her enemies fading into the darkness took over. It is this almost emotionless demeanor that makes Sameonna a very difficult duelist to interpret, as others cannot tell what she is thinking or planning on doing. Incredibly intellectual, Sameonna prides herself on her strategic dueling skills, and Rare Hunters all over would definitely agree that she is their strongest asset.
Likes: Sameonna enjoys endulging in mental activities that stress or challenge her brain. As such, this also prompts her to be an excellent strategist, and she often would be see writing in a notebook about dueling strategies and deck builds to overcome her opponents during duels. She also kept notes on every Rare Hunter and duelist within Southern Keiritsu, which influenced her nickname "Eagle Eyes", making it seem as though Sameonna knew everything that went on within Southern Keiritsu, and it is this nickname that Rare Hunters know Sammy as. Sameonna looks at others with a unique sense of individualism, and never underestimates her opponent, as such, she does enjoy trying to figure other people out.
Dislikes: Sameonna, being a modest person, though confident in her skills and her mindset, dislikes arrogance ironically. Additionally, she is highly against oppression, and sees herself as more of a freedom fighter, standing for the weak. Through this very ideal she has forged the Rare Hunters into the blade of wind they are today, cutting down enemies left and right. In addition to that, it is also this ideal that unfortunately methodically caught the attention of the UDC, or United Duelist Corporation, who has since labeled the organization as a criminalized faction. Sameonna feels very strongly about law enforcement, or at least the way the UDC has criminalized the Rare Hunters in Southern Keiritsu. She is doing what she can to avoid what trouble she can, but continues to do what the Rare Hunters do best. Hunting rare cards.
History: Sameonna grew up in the extremely poor slums of Southern Keiritsu, and worked her way out of it by doing acts of obscenity, being forced into prostitution in order to provide for herself despite her young age. Homelessness soon set in after the death of her parents, who became sick with a terminal illness around the time she was eight, Sameonna always assumed this as being due to not being able to pay for medical expenses or medicine. She would live her life like this until she turned nine, discovering Duel Monsters as her way to escape this life of trauma. It was at this point in her life that Sameonna would devote her everything to the game, doing anything she could to collect rare cards, which had eventually lead her to the Blue Eyes White Dragon, which she won in a duel at the expense of a UDC Elite member who had confronted her to try and claim the bounty on her head by defeating her in a duel.

By the time she was twelve years old, Sameonna had become a phenom of dueling, and was feared by kids in her surrounding neighborhood, thanks to her ruthless attitude and idea that defeat would mean utter failure in her eyes. Everything she had put into the game, everything she had done leading up to that moment would have been pointless in her eyes. She had to make absolute sure that this was a feeling she would never experience again. Leading the Rare Hunters with an iron fist, Sameonna, now 19, had been contacted by an individual only known as Yamatano, who summoned Sameonna to his chambers and forced her to play in the Shadow Realm tournament known as Shadow Kingdom.

Sameonna reluctantly participated against her will, under threat of losing her soul as a result of saying no. In this tournament, there were three different brackets, the reasoning behind this becoming clear as the tournament came to its end. With each passing duelist that Sameonna was forced to defeat, she became cold, heartless almost. In between matches, participants were to watch others duel, and there were two individuals of importance that caught the eye of Sameonna. One of which being the UDC Elite duelist, namely, Setser Taika. The other being known as the representative of her rival city, Northern Keiritsu, Spike King. At the end of the tournament, Sameonna received the legendary God Card, Obelisk the Tormentor, the other two duelists aforementioned receiving the Winged Dragon of Ra, and Slifer the Sky Dragon. In addition to this, each duelist was given a unique duel disc specially designed to match their God Card.

Sameonna left the tournament after that, and utilized her God Card to take over the streets of Southern Keiritsu completely, forcing the Northern Keiritsu law enforcement and officials out of the lower part of te city, and prompting the UDC to commision the building of a wall to divide the two cities in an attempt to quell the uprising of the Rare Hunters. Now, at 22, Sameonna continues to rule the Rare Hunters like a true champion of her people, and continues looking for other people to defeat.

Sameonna Leone Cd11
Affiliation: Rare Hunter (Queen)
Millennium Item: N/A
Hometown: Southern Keiritsu
Starter Deck: Seto Kaiba SD

Sameonna Leone Ooc11
Roleplay Sample: N/A
Faceclaim: Marie Mjolnir

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