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Wanted: Sameonna Leone Empty Wanted: Sameonna Leone

Post by Eliza S. on Fri Sep 18, 2015 1:16 am

Bounty Name: Sameonna Leone
Duelist Rank: C3
Rarest Card: Obelisk the Tormentor
Classification: Level 4
Reward Claim: 30 starchips and 10 cards of their choosing from the target's deck.
Last Known Location: Southern Keiritsu, near the Rare Hunter headquarters.

Notes;; Sameonna is a well know criminal who calls herself "The Queen of the Rare Hunters". She seems to command the entire threat to some extent, despite it's large size. For the sake of filing, we cannot mark her higher than a level four threat but she outclasses every other level four target in skills exponentially. Never should an official let their guard down at any moment while actively pursuing her.

Sameonna is known for running a deck built around relentless power, performing reckless tactics in order to gain an advantage and power with cards like Obelisk and The Blue Eyes White Dragon, which she incorporates often to try and fuse all three of her copies into The Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Any official planning to subdue the target in a duel should be prepared to deal with her power hungry tactics.
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Eliza S.
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