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Post by Eliza S. on Wed Sep 09, 2015 6:15 pm

Eliza Shira Dp10
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Duelist Name: Eliza Shira
Age: 12
Height: 5"0'
Weight: 107lb
Birthdate: 08/29
Appearance: Profile pic
Eliza Shira Tdo11
Personality: Eliza is a child at heart...and every other aspect of her person.  For the most part, she would come off as one would expect a child to. . She tends to act on impulse, as the part of her mind that forsees consequences hasn't developed yet. This doesn't mean that she doesn't think about decisions at times, she's not that great at planning farther ahead than where she would stand at that moment though. She can also be ignorant to how the world works at time. Being so young,she still sees morality as having a clear black and white distinction.  She's excitable and can even be very energetic in the things she does (some says it's all the sugar).  She's quick to trust and quick to become comfortable around those who show her any amount of kindness and a lack of bitterness in their general attitude.

Upon developing such a relationship with these people, she becomes quite attatched and open. Where most people would expect a child to be selfish in their decisions, towards these people Eliza can actually present selflessness. That's not to say that she never acts selfish in nature, but she would never act in this way just be mean. This can sometimes change in situations where something she's passionate about is brought up. That's where she can become a bit of a brat. She likes to prove herself as a knolwedgeable person about such things, trying to bring up the more obscure trivia fact and such. In areas dependant on skill that she takes an interest in,she also tends to try and prove herself through performance, though being young and being inexperienced in just about everything, this tends not to go well in a majorty of her attempts.

Eliza doesn't consider herself as a competetive person, as she doesn't tend to participate in many competetive activities. The exception being Duel Monsters. While playing the game, it becomes quite clear that she is indeed a very competetive person, down the the purest definition. She doesn't know how to be casual while playing the game. She'll try and plan out every option with her resources, though lacking the skill to plan farther than just her turn. With this, it sometimes ends up a coin toss with how a plan she makes and decides to perform on plays on.  

Likes: Archaeology: While she's not an avid enthusiast, Eliza does have a bit of a hobbiest in this particular field of study. Mostly she does casual research about the life of ancient humans in Africa, as it's said to be where humanity was birthed.

Comics/Cartoons: She is a kid after all. A kid with an underdeveloped brain that's still in the state where vivid colors and fast paced action is enough to entertain her.

Sweets: From pastries to candies, if it has sugar in it, Eliza will most likely like it. Her favorite treat of all is cake. Cake of almost any kind is her go to for sweets.
Dislikes: Bugs/Arachnids: Eliza finds bugs to be fascinating, but hates anything involving being them being near her. Sometimes she even goes out of her way to kill one if she sees one.

The Dark: To be fair, the dark is an ingrained fear in humans. To be in the dark is to be in a position of vulnerability. A vital sense that is essential for taking in information is hindered by the dark.

Spiteful People: Generally a person who does mean things to people without any justifiable reason don't click well with Eliza. She's not the best and nicest little girl around, but she still doesn't like the idea of going around a just being senselessly mean.

History: Eliza was born to a relatively normal family in northern Keiritsu, where she lived a relatively normal and safe life. Being born and raised as an only child, she had to rely on making friends to satisfy the need for the company of people in her age group. This wasn't too difficult, as this only really became an issue for her, as she really only became concerened with friends about a year before starting school at the age of 5. It started out how the beginning years of school for many children went, adjusting to seperation from your parents and taking the smallest of first steps towards independence.  Very young children tend to see almost anyone they can remotely get along with as friends. It wasn't until Eliza got older that she began to slim down the group of people she would call her friends until she had made a clique of her own.

As school went on, many of the other students had caught wind of a card game called "Duel Monsters", and very soon after that came to realize just how large it was in the world they lived in. To the point where entire companies were being made around the game aside from Industrial Illusions.  Very soon after their discovery, the children had been swept up in the game and began to play it themselves. Usually they would do so durring their free time after, sometimes even durring school such as when they had been given time for lunch. However, Eliza's first hands on experience with the Duel Monsters wouldn't be until a little later.

In the fifth grade, one of the teacher's who taught Eliza's class liked to use monster cards in her examples for math problems. The game's involvement in her schooling, and its popularity amongst her peers is what ultimately led to her getting into the game. It wasn't like she had much of a hobby up intil this point. Usually her free time was doing almost anything she and her friends could come up with. They'd never do anything consistly enough to call it a hobby though. All of the friends she considered to be in her clique had begun playing the game already anyway, now she'd have even more things to do with them. With some slow pocket change collection, requesting her parents to buy her packs, and a few give-aways from her friends, Eliza put together a deck.

Once she had gotten started on the game, Eliza discovered it was something that really clicked with her. Not only was it fun to play, but there was interesting lore to be found sometimes in just a card's art. The game's egyptian roots even sparked an interest in archaeology for the girl. Over the next two years, Eliza had become the best in her small group of friends and even her class. Sometimes she even gave some of the older kids a run for their allowance. She had become quite notable in the community that took up her school.
Eliza Shira Cd11
Affiliation: None
Millennium Item: None
Hometown: Keiritsu
Starter Deck: Joey Wheeler

Eliza Shira Ooc11
Roleplay Sample:


The sound of pondering came from the throat of the grade schooler. Her lips puckered as her eyes scanned the cards in her own hand and on the field. She didn't have much of a hand to speak of, only a Karate Man. and a Remove Trap spell card. All she had on the field was an Island Turtle, a face down monster and a facedown trap card. Her opponent on the other hand had a Sword Stalker with a Dark Energy equip spell on it, a La Jinn, the Mysical Genie of the Lamp, and a face down trap card of her own. She had managed to stall defeat last turn with a Waboku trap card, but she would have no luck in drawing a game staller this turn.

Her opponent, a close friend of Eliza's, sat across from her with anticipation. The score was 1300 to 900, with her in the lead AND field advantage. Her facedown was an Ultimate Offering, meaning that next turn she could perform an extra normal summon for the price of 500 lifepoints. It was unlikely though that Eliza would bring her down to something below that though, she thought. The island turtle came nowhere close to the attack points of either of her monsters and if her facedown monster was of any offensive use, she wouldn't have put it facedown to begin with. She had this.

"I think I'll flip summon my monster." Eliza said. Her hand reached over to her face down unit and flipped it into face up attack position, revealing it to be the Magician of Faith.

"Now when she's revealed face up from a face down position, I can put one spell from my graveyard into my hand." the girl explained.

She began to search through her graveyard for anything that could help her. De-spell? No, she had an extremely weak attack position monster. Getting rid of Sword Stalker's equip spell wouldn't help now. Block Attack? No that wouldn't help at all. Sword & Shield? Wait, that could very well do the trick. Eliza revealed the spell card she had chosen to her opponent and proceeded to place it in her trap and spell card zone.

"I'll use my spell card immedietly, now all of the monsters currently on the field have their original attack and defense values switched." Eliza explained.

Her opponent's expression shifted to have a hint of grimace. A minor setback at most. She wouldn't be able to completely dominate Eliza but with the present state of the field, she was still in a place to win next turn.

"So what now?" Eliza's opponent asked.

Eliza pinched the one monster card in her hand and placed it down next to her Island Turtle.

"Now I'll play Karata Man in attack position." She replied. The pieces were in place, now she just had to be able to execute her plan without interuption. Switching her Island Turtle into attack mode, the school girl would begin her battle phase. Her right index finger first place itself on her Island Turtle and point to the her opponent's Sword Stalker. "First, I'll have Island Turtle attack your monster." She declared. With 2000 attack points, it would definitely be able to over come her now 1900 attack point fiend.

Eliza's friend nodded, taking both her Sword Stalker and the Dark Energy equiped to it, and place them both in front of her deck in the graveyard zone. She looked at the field as she did. Her La Jinn had 1000 attack and so did Eliza's Karate Man. If she were to attack with that, both monsters would be destroyed and she could attack directly with Magician of Faith. But that's still leave her with 800 lifepoints, any monster in her deck could attack magician of faith at that point and end the duel. Did she plan on going out swinging?

"Next I'll have Karate Man attack your La Jinn." she spoke, pointing to her own card and then to her opponent's last monster.

"Ok so they're both destroyed." Eliza's opponent said, to which Eliza quickly responded to with a waggle of her index finger.

"Not when I activate Karata Man's effect. With his effect, I can double his original attack points to 2000." She explained. Eliza's opponent gave a slightly shocked expression as she free hand shot down to reveal her trap card. "I activate Reverse Trap! Now that bonus 1000 attack will lower your monster down to exactly zero insead." Her attempt to counter was interupted with yet another waggle of Eliza's finger.

"That won't work." She brought her finger closer to pre-emptively interupt her opponent. "And before you ask why not, that's because I'm not adding any attack to Karate Man. His original attack value is being double,so now his original attack is 2000 instead of 1000, so Reverse Trap won't work.". Her opponent despairingly put her monster into the graveyard. She had lost 1100 lifepoints this turn. But that meant that she could attack with Magician of Faith and win!

The schoolgirl placed her finger on her spellcaster and spoke. "Finally, I'll have Magician of Faith attack you directly. That's 1500 points of damage. How many did you have left again?" Eliza asked, she had some difficulty keeping track of life points without writing it down or doing something similar. She tried to count with her fingers what she had from the last few turns.

"I only had 1300 left...that means you won".

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