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Duelist Name: Ash Mori
Age: 19
Height: 5'11
Weight: 154lbs
Birthdate: January 5th
Ash Mori WLuvTuB

Ash Mori Tdo11
Personality: From birth Ash had always been a rather easy going guy. He enjoys the simple things in life, such as eating and sleeping. Ash is a man of many likes and few dislikes. For instance he loves soft drinks. The same goes for eating, He is a fan of tasting new flavours and will try almost any new cuisine he comes across. People who know him well enough would likely describe him as a slob, considering how he is regularly seen sleeping, eating or drinking. This of course is far from true, sort of. While Ash does partake in these activities often he is also a rather hard worker, though only when it is absolutely necessary for him to work. Overall he is a rather laid back individual. He believes that one should move at their own pace. Taking this to heart he rarely rushes to do anything unless it is urgent. There was a time when he was what one would call a workaholic. His old work ethic was to do everything immediately, leaving no room for error or rest. However as time passed he calmed down considerably, gaining the relaxed look on everything that he does now.

When it comes to interacting with other people, Ash is generally friendly to most. Ash is in his own opinion the most social guy in the world, taking the time to try and get to know everyone that he meets. Often a person will find themselves invited to come have a drink with him. The main problem with Ash when it comes to other people is his straight forwardness. He is quick to point things out and often doesn't think before he speaks, sometimes resulting in other people taking offence to what he says. Another thing that sometimes causes is problem is that Ash has a tendency to poke fun at people. He holds nothing back when it comes to mocking others, meaning that the list of people that hate him is actually quite large considering what a..nice guy he is.

One thing that Ash is quite passionate about is duelling. When it comes to this subject Ash becomes a different person, becoming aggressive and hot-headed. He takes great pride in his abilities, taking every opportunity he can in order to show off his skills. A majority of the conflicts that Ash does get into is as a result of someone insulting his swordsmanship skills, or even implying that he is unskilled with a blade. People have stated that this personality is the 'real' Ash, the personality that he had when he was younger. While generally being a rather pleasant and mellow person to get along with, his play style and personality when in a duel are quite the opposite. Quick, flashy and with a lot of 'bloodshed'. That's how he likes to do things when duelling. Regardless of the outcome of the duel he will often trash talk whomever his opponent was, before catching himself and returning to what he is normally like once the adrenaline dies down.

Likes: As evidenced by his appearance, Ash likes colourful things. Clothing, sweets, anything that is colourful he enjoys looking at. Sweets are something that he is incredibly fond of, constantly possessing a supply of various different types of sweets on hand for whenever he gets a graving for it. He likes the simple pleasures in life, namely sleeping and doing nothing productive. Spending his day just lounging around eating sweets and drinking soft drinks is the perfect day in his opinion. Ash really likes being given things as well, gifts are probably his favourite things in the entire world. Oh yeah, and he likes duel monsters.
Dislikes: Perhaps the thing that Ash despises the most in the world is being woken up against his will. This will often lead to him being in a bad mood and sulking for at least the next half a day after. Another thing he hates is when someone else is eating or drinking something that looks nice when he doesn't have one himself. People who try to force him to do things at a pace that doesn't suit him he is not a fan of, disliking being forced to do things in general. When someone doesn't acknowledge his existence he often finds himself annoyed at that fact also.
History: Residing in Honshoku, the Mori family were unremarkable in almost every way, shape or form. They weren't particularly famous or wealthy, compared to some of the other families that called the city their home. So, being born into a family of five Ash faded into a pretty standard life. A routine was drilled into his head since birth, work, study, work. Become successful, put the Mori family on the map. His parents set realistic goals, in their minds anyway. Ash never had the motivation to do what they wanted him to do. Alas he was pushed to try and succeed for the first thirteen years of his existence. It was around that time that he discovered duel monsters. An easy enough thing to pick up, Ash found himself slowly losing focus on his studies and spending more time on his new hobby. With this new found hobby all hopes that his parents had for him burned to ashes. As time went on, he began to become more chilled out. His work drive became non-existent, and his parents all but gave up him carrying the family to a better future when he dyed his hair and started to dress like he does today. With his schedule suddenly freed up, it gave Ash ample time to spend the next few years doing little else but duelling and drifting his way through life.

His curiosity for what lay outside of Honshoku around the time he was sixteen years old. Having spent the last three years doing little else but eating, sleeping and duelling it came as quite a surprise to his family when he suddenly began to become active once more. News of the goings on in Keiritsu came to his attention. Having lived what could only be described as an incredibly sheltered life he brought himself to leave the city in order to go and see if the rumours he had heard about the other city were true. It was with this first visit to the other city that brought about his first loss in a duel to some random passer-by who Ash couldn't help but request a duel with. Having thought of himself as a fairly competent duellist, this had come as quite a shock to him. Of course there was only one explanation, it was the environment. Having not been familiar with the place, it was obvious that he would have lost the duel. The months that followed, Ash spent more and more time in the other city duelling whomever accepted his requests. A steady string of losses resulted in him deciding that perhaps he just wasn't that good. The only course of action to take then as obvious, a training montage.

Unfortunately training montages don't exist in the real world. Ash was forced to actually learn how to actually duel. It was a long and difficult road, mostly because Ash found himself not focusing one hundred percent on actually learning. With time however, he got the hang of this whole duelling thing. His play style became more defined, and his knowledge progressed too a passable level. Time has passed since then, and he's still hopping between the cities enjoying what life has to offer.

Around a year before present day, Ash's reputation as a wandering duellist had grown. With some pushing in the background by his family, he was accepted into the United Duellist Corporation as one of their duellists to combat against the Rare Hunters.  

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