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Duelist Name: Roman Kane
Age: 21
Height: 5'10
Weight: 156
Birthdate: April 24
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Roman is 5’10 with a slim shape body. He doesn’t have that much muscle on him, but due to his slim figure his muscles are easily shown throughout his body. He was very active in his time growing up. His skin has a light complexion, though the ends of his legs and arms are slightly darker, due to his place of birth always being hot and sunny. His eyes are light green, and his hair is light brown. His hair is short, but with length, never passing his neck. Roman does have a few small silver piercings on his face, for a more Goth appeal look.  He has two pins below his lower lip, another two pins located on the upper shaft of his nose, and one finally pin placed along the upper corner above of his right eye lid. These piercings are noted to be made of pure silver. Most of his accessories are made from silver, including his silver chain he wears, which is normally tucked inside his shirt for safe keeping. One other thing he does, is that he paints his nails silver, to match his silver piercings he has along his face.

As for his garments and outer wear, Roman loves to dress loud. Roman is somewhat of an attention grabber. To start, he wears a long sleeve navy blue shirt, slim fit of course. Over that he as a shirt sleeve button up shirt, this has a white base color. The short sleeve shirt has navy blue sleeves, with a lime green tip surrounding the arm holes. The short sleeve shirt has more of like a uniform design, because of its lime green shoulder stripes. Along the shoulder stripes, more towards the navy blue collar, each has a somewhat large blue navy buttons. There is one of each shoulder. Due to the uniform design, the shirt has a navy blue pocket, with a lime color opening. The pocket is located on the upper left part of the shirt. Finally, with his uniform shirt he wears a short lime green tie, loosely tied. His pants are also navy blue, more like dress pants actually. His belt however, is the real attention grabber. His is made up of square pins that cover most of the front part of the belt. The color scheme of the belt is navy blue and lime green, to match with his whole outfit. The square pins all have the same design, as depicted on the avatar picture. Lastly, he wears a navy blue skully, which he only started wearing when he started dueling in the city. It is navy blue, with a classing yellow smiley face pin on the side.

When Roman is dueling, he wears his duel disk on his left arm, since he is right handed. When not in use, his deck is stuffed on his shirt pocket. The deck is in a small case for safe traveling. One of Roman’s pet peeves is bent/wrinkled cards.

Roman Kane Tdo11
Personality: Roman is a hot blooded individual, who says the first thing that comes to his mind. In his train of thought, he views himself as someone higher than most, due to his upbringing. Ironically, his personality is much like his dueling personality; he overwhelms the dueling field with overwhelming force, much like how he fires off his mouth towards those that would shame him, or his upper class family. He is also quick to judge people on looks, even though he himself dresses loud and strange. But once again, the way he was brought up, in the city of Houshoku, he sees himself entitled to the best of what life has to offer, including having more privileges then people of lower class. This was one of the reasons why Roman became a duelist in the first place, to defeat those who would disrupt the natural order of things, the people of Houshoku would also triumph over the Keiritsu. His passion for dueling is great, for it allows him to display his power over the people of the lower class and remain with the top teir class.
Roman, despite his superiority complex, is very family orientated, which includes people who he considers friends, which is in fact a very short list. Most of the people he surrounds himself with are no better than lackys, “help”. Roman has a tendency to use people to get what he wants, through any means necessary. He will go so far as to even giving out false promises and vague agreements to screw with peoples’ minds.  Though, he is not that much of a rotten apple, the only people he will treat as equals are his family, people who he deems worthy of the upper class. Roman takes losing very hard, as it is a sign of weakness. He blames everything on himself, and will even suffer from depression because of it. Even when he duels, if he loses to someone beneath him, he will become very depressed. Like before, Roman is a man who destroys his enemies with overwhelming force, and will sleep like a baby the next day because that’s who he is.
Likes: Roman likes to display his upper class status to everyone, letting everyone know that he is a man of great wealth and nobility. He loves to view things in a pyramid like sense of way. He is at the top, while the rest of the world is at the bottom. In a sense, Roman is an elitist. No. Roman is an elitist. He also loves to duel other beneath them, people who hold no real threat to him, in his down time. His ego can’t be matched when it comes to social class. Roman also loves to eat junk food.
Dislikes: Roman doesn’t really hate anyone really, he just tends to look down on others who are not in the same class he is in, the upper class. The people beneath him, who try and disrupt the natural order of things is something he hates. He duels to put those in check, and to make sure that the balance will stay as it should be. Yes, people of higher class rule over the lower class, and that’s how it should always be. He also hates to lose, it is a sign of weakness, and the upper class is anything but weak.
History: Roman was born into a very wealthy family, where they no doubly resided in Houshoku. Growing up he was always taught the mannerisms and ideology of the way most people of higher class ought to act. This method trained Roman to become the very strong head individual he is today. However, long before Roman got into the game of duel monsters, he was once a high achieving student in school. He would impress his mother and father, as well as his two sisters with his flawless grades. His father ran a silver mining company, while his mother was one of the higher ups in the United Duelist Corporation. His two much older sisters attended school as well, but Roman continued to outshine them all.   After his graduation, that was when everything changed.
After his years of school, was when the dueling epidemic really got out of hand. Every day, nonstop, reports of crimes filled the news, and it all had something to do with duel monsters. Plus, since Roman’s mom was a part of the UDC “United Duelist Corporation, he would he even the most sensitive of data not released into the public. After a time hearing the same thing over and over, Roman decided to learn the game of duel monsters. He grew hated towards the people of Keritisu, the lower class had caused so much trouble, it was time for him to act.
After a month or so, Roman finally picked up the game very well. At first he wasn’t really good at it, he even got help from his sisters to learn how to play the game, but in the end he finally learned how to play the game. His style of game play relied heavily on swarming the field with power cards, one after the other. His deck he uses is comprised of fairies and gods that held a status higher above others much like his upper class status. Once he learned how to duel, Roman began dueling all over the city, any chance he got. He dueled so much that eh really didn’t even bother to go to college until he turned 21, but after two years of getting he degree, he left the life of a scholar and continued on dueling. His rage fueled his motive on dueling the people of Keritisu, making sure that he would bring back the natural order of things.
After countless victories, he managed to get wind from his mother, who caught on to his interest for dueling, that a tournament was going to begin. That was when Roman decided to enter into the dueling tournament, this was his perfect chance to use his new found skills, and he would be a threat like no other. His mother even approved of it, and even gave him Top UDC clearance among the gates, where he could freely make his way back and forth through the cities as he pleased. With these tools, Roman would become a dullest like no other.

Roman Kane Cd11
Affiliation: United Duelist Corporation
Millennium Item: (Must be approved of by an Admin)
Hometown: Honshoku
Starter Deck: Yugi Moto SD

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