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Duelist Name:  Kozai Tsukumi
Age: 18
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 135 lbs
Birthdate: March 10
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Personality: Kozai is a Japanese duelist who has known.... well, a lot of things throughout his life. Sure, the game is important to him after a fashion, but he tends to worry about other things more often, such as his own academics. As such, he's a very learned person who puts his education above the game. "At least the boy has his priorities straight", says his mother. She worries about him, naturally, because despite his polite and refined exterior, within lies a raging competitive beast, who can only be described as "inhuman". Sure, he won't cheat or such to win, but he will certainly try his best during a duel. He's aggressive to the point where he does extensive scouting on his opponents if he can, and treats a tournament as a sort of "hunger games", forming and breaking alliances as he deems necessary to form a path to victory. As such, he's won more tournaments than not.
You're mostly likely to find him reading a book, whether it be some academic text on the ethics of human experimentation, or some great classic, like "Crime and Punishment". While some have commented that this material can get somewhat dark at times, he spurns that kind of talk, stating that it's "more mature writing than your average 'happily-ever-after fairy tale'". Whether he's right or not, naturally, is subjective, and he realizes this. He's more developed mentally than a person who believes that he's always right. Being merely eighteen years of age, many don't realize how accomplished he is, both physically and mentally. Those who underestimate him in either field either end up under the brunt of his fists, or last place in the science competition (or the duel tournament, as it were).
When it comes to music, he enjoys only the finest classical music (no, he doesn't speak with a British accent. Having spent some time overseas, he can speak English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Swahili, Chinese, Lithuanian, Portugese, and of course, Italian all fluently). Things like Mozart and Brahms are fine, sure, but Chopin and Saint-Saens are examples of two composers whose work he absolutely loves. He's a sucker for Handel's Messiah as well.

Likes: Kozai loves the finer things in academics: classics of all kinds, whether in literature and in fine arts. He's a curious person, never complacent with what he has or knows, so he also loves knowledge in other fields, such as biology and chemistry. Being probably the only person in his graduating class to have a publication out, he relishes not in the fame of having his name listed first on a paper, but the knowledge gained from it. Naturally, as a result of this tendency, he's a successful student, who doesn't ride on his laurels.
Kozai likes to win. He's not a sore loser, being bred for such interactions from birth, but he relishes victory. Once again, he's polite about it, whether he wins or loses, but there is a strange rush of emotions upon achieving victory that he can't seem to let go of...

Dislikes: Kozai hates not knowing enough about his opposition. As is the case with many human beings, he has a fear of the unknown, but it manifests in him differently from others. He doesn't like it when he doesn't know enough about someone to the point where it would detriment him. To this effect, he attempts to set up some kind of information network if possible. Even when the people in a tournament have heard of this habit, or are just too cynical to cooperate, he tends to do things himself, listening to people for rumors and pieces of truths that he can use.
History: Kozai was born in Tokyo, Japan, to two mediocre parents, both of whom were medical professionals. As such, they didn't have as much time for him as they would have liked, and he quickly learned to be independent. As soon as he learned how to read, well, it was a slippery slope from there. One day, at the age of three, he found one of his father's old textbooks, mysteriously open on a table. He toddled up onto the chair, and with curious, searching, hungry eyes, peered down at the pages.
And his mind... was blown.
To his infant mind, so much information like this would normally be a turnoff, but for Kozai, it was different. This was exactly what his brain needed to start developing faster than ever before. By the ripe young age of seven, he had already gained a good mastery of academics that people ten years older than he were having difficulties with. His parents were a little worried that he might get too caught up in all this excitement, but they had trained him well thus far (or at least, whatever they could), and he kept his cool. At the age of twelve, he entered To-oh univeristy, and began studying to be a biology major, and eventually, a pharmacy student. The studies were hard for him, but not in the way that many might think. The material itself was easy to comprehend, as the words and problems just seemed to "make sense" to him in ways that other people couldn't quite see.
The whole world seemed to frown on him though. Teachers scoffed in disbelief, other students sneered at him in scorn and jealousy, and the maintenance staff asked him if he was the child of some faculty member or student and had gotten lost. Such things were frustrating to him, at least until he made it into the pharmacy program.
Then, everyone marveled at his victory over the adversity he had experienced in his undergraduate program. However, getting ahead of myself. During his sophomore year (when he was thirteen), Kozai discovered the game Duel Monsters, a trading card game. It was fun, yes, enjoyable, yes... addicting? No. However, he did attend a few tournaments, and got the hang of not just the game, but surveillance tactics. Whether or not people realised it, he would ruthlessly apply surveillance and emotional manipulation tactics to anyone who he deemed appropriate. Nothing out of the bounds of the rules, of course...
At any rate, he soon graduated from pharmacy school, degree in hand, having just passed his 18th birthday. It had been a long journey, hard at some points, but easier at others. In general, it had been a most enlightening experience, and he had learned a lot. Having double majored in both biology and music, he was a well rounded person, and continued to be so even when he saw the information about the tourney... by that time, he had already been caught up in the civil unrest between the rare hunters and the UDC, so he thought this to be the perfect opportunity...

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