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Duelist Name: Hecter Lannibal AKA Sliver
Age: 22
Height: 6'3ft
Weight: 180lbs
Birthdate: 01/29
Hecter Lannibal AKA Sliver Makoto

Hecter Lannibal AKA Sliver Tdo11
Sliver is nothing if not polite so long as people aren't rude or show any sign of stepping over their bounds in the chain of command. His time since birth was spent in training for warfare his every waking moment was spent learning tactics, watching others in the program for weakness so as to pounce and remove them from the equation and secure his top spot in the training. Despite seeming to completely ignore what he did to the other candidates his emotions started to fray the appearance of a kind, enthusiastic young man continued to play about his face, however deep beneath the plotting soldier remained learning to conceal itself behind a charming facade. The one part of his behavior the program coordinators looked down upon in private, but ignored was his tendency to supplement his rations with strips of jerky made from unknown sources. All of these things shattered his psyche Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder started to set in thanks to the things he did, it allowed him to play the part of a gracious host, while concealing the killer that hid beneath. Finding the conversation of others rather boring he took to talking to himself while dueling or when society went back to ignoring him for more lucid occupants of the greater machine. Sliver holds a dissociative grip on reality, focusing more on having fun and/or causing destruction. Years of military training gives him a deep seated respect for those he deems worthy to follow, while under orders he skips the fun stuff and goes straight for whats ordered, and hey if that happens to coincide with what he loves to do best gives him the craziest of joys. When not enjoying a mission or his own personal pursuits he hides away preferring the comfort of a straight jacket, it helps him sleep after all. His quirks can't all be explained away as PTSD, killing people for the most minor of imagined slights point to deeply hidden psychopathic tendencies, however his charm is not superficial but genuine to those he likes, showing them the utmost kindness he can come up with, even if his methods to an outside observer may appear crude or over the top.  
Sliver has very few things in life that could be constituted to actually bring him any ounce of happiness. One such thing is the flickering flames as he watches destruction unfold at his fingertips, the other is when he sleeps racked out in his straight jacket, comfortably awaiting his next assignment. When left to his own devices he will sit and watch flames for hours or talk lightly to those he deigns to grace with his presence. Listening to precisely played and expertly executed classical music allows him to calm his soul for moments at a time. His other interests include fine dining on the most exotic of dishes.
When in the field there are certain quirks Sliver succumbs to, avoiding loud new age music is one such quirk, preferring to keep a pair of earbuds in at most times, tuning out the world as he travels to and from his goals. He loathes the newer music it isn't as refined as his tastes, while it reminds him of the carnage of battle which is great he really hates it. When his fun is taken away or ended prematurely it really sets him into a bad mood. Another of his biggest pet peeves is people who are rude and ignore chain of command.
It started simply enough, he was born just like anyone else. The only problem was the parents being impoverished started looking for a way to get their life back from the wailing babe that brought them nothing but sorrow. They took their first chance to offload him, the fools of the UDC even payed for the babe. He was enrolled under the name Hecter Lannibal, and put into the ward under a special operative program, these soldiers would be used by the UDC to take out high priority targets while being none the wiser about their role in the political scheme of the world. Now he was a simple boy with simple pleasures, a warm straight jacket at night as he aged was all he asked for in the way of sleeping arrangements, and a few hours to listen to classical music when his nerves were frayed.

However the higher ups began to suspect something when he did nothing but ignore his comrades instead keeping to himself, being withdrawn, the few other students he took interest in would vanish poof gone one by one as the unit completed missions until it was just done to one other person in the unit besides code name Sliver. Finally the organization could not ignore his peculiar supply of food, they began to plot, he was no longer a small child but a full grown adult at the tender age of eighteen when their plans came to fruition. He was sent in alone the last member of his unit had disappeared like the others but it didn't bother him at all it never did. It was a relatively simple mission he was being sent into a Rare Hunter den of inequity if you believed the reports, he went in alone and using the training killed his way through the compound. Finally he stood waiting for his extraction, the ride seemed to be running late, but it didn't bug him he selected a cigarette and lighting it looked around a strange buzz had inserted itself into the back of his mind, he ignored it to the best of his ability.

After what felt like an eternity he was blinded as spotlights were thrown on, he raised his hands to his face stumbling around a half smoked cigarette hanging from his lips as the first waves of flame licked across his body. No evac had come for him it was an execution they were burning him in dragons fire, he screamed bloody rage tearing at his body, but the flames didn't stop for what seemed to be hours, he lay exhausted on the ground still smoldering, the lights out as he opened his eyes and began crawling back into the compound he found a traditional set of clothing that must have been from centuries long past. Growling and struggling he managed to bandage his wounds from head to foot, the bandages where silky white but they didn't stay that way for long the smell of burnt flesh, burn cream and blood hung heavily around him as he stumbled out into the world once more, limping and hobbling his way back to his hometown, Keiritsu.

It took him a long year to make it home from that exotic local where the UDC attempted to remove him from the field of play. He concealed his name going only by the moniker Sliver as he jumped his way back to home, an abandoned old warehouse would serve as lodging for now, he simply waited dueling with any person that had the courage to seek him out, he didn't have the finances or card pool he once had access to, he used a simple set of beginners cards he managed to pick up with what little he had saved in physical cash when he returned to South Keiritsu. It was enough to make some cash from the young and unskilled, with the money he earned he kept himself stocked with fresh bandages and even a fancy new suit to wear, although he continued to wear the bandages, he had taken to wearing a mask over his face, keeping off the grid, no cellphone and no credit.

One day much like any other in the boring continuum that had become his life, Sliver noticed a woman someone who had not ever visited his local matches. Frowning he would sit back, accepting a duel with this person it was okay at first he even seemed to have the upper hand at first, but he couldn't keep it he whittled away what life points he could but the womans deck was too powerful the caliber of cards were just leagues above his own meager deck, she managed to beat him. It had been a relatively fun duel he had not been so entertained in months. An introduction, Sameonna, was the name of the woman that had so easily trumped his small empire. She was a Rare Hunter, and noticed his potential, a promise of rare and powerful cards, and better still a chance to do some damage to the UDC that had so cruelly left him dead after attempting to end his existence.

Well what is a brigand to do, a fugitive his current state of living below sub par he would accept the offer, after all if he was released against the old leash handlers it might be fun to watch the flames lick away their flesh. He bowed subjugating himself to the will of another organization, it wasn't all bad at least this organization wouldn't mind if he killed and destroyed for a bit of fun.  

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