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Post by travishogsed on Mon Aug 31, 2015 10:11 am

Travis Hogsed finished Dp10
Travis Hogsed finished Tdi11
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Duelist Name: Travis Hogsed
Age: 15
Height: 6'
Weight: 170
Birthdate: 8/08/????
Same as profile pic

Travis Hogsed finished Tdo11
Personality: Travis is a nice person, and like to hang out with people. Travis enjoys going to tournaments, and duels for the fun of it, and he wants to become one of the best duelists in the world. Travis just recently moved to town don't really know anyone yet, but he thinks that with how big duel monsters are in the area. He knows that he should make friends quickly, and he is looking to find some other people that like to duel as well.

Travis duels because he has fun with it, and he likes most of the people he has met while playing duel monsters. Travis will sometime challenge random people to duels  in the middle of the street. Just to see who is the better duelist. Travis has always gotten good grades in school, and is one of the top duelist in his old school. Travis had moved to find more duelist and to prove that he can become one of the most powerful duelist.

While dueling travis is focused and tries to come up with new strategy on the fly. He does his best to counter his opponents move, and to come up with an even better way to use the cards at his disposal. Travis is normally found at the card shop buying new cards for his deck, or he is walking around town looking for someone to duel and try out the new cards he put in his deck.

Travis' likes different card types, and can't pick just one, but he does tend to lean towards the dark and light combo colors for his decks. With the chaos magician being one of his favorites, and its one of his goals to get his hands on one.

Travis has ADHD and sometimes has a hard time paying attention, but when he is dueling it seams like the world melts into the back ground and he can focus on one thing. While not dueling Travis seams to be focusing on multiple things at one time, and tends to be forgetful. He will often make notes to himself and keep them into his pockets. He takes good care of his duel disk with it being one of the last things his father got him before he passed on.
Likes:  Dueling- Travis likes to duel new people, as well as people he has already met he believes that you can learn a lot about who someone is by dueling them. He also wants to collect all the rare cards he needs to finish his deck, but he knows that it will never be finished. Because there is always new and more powerful cards comings out.

Food- Travis likes to eat all kinds of different foods. Some of his favorites is pizza with pepperoni, and onions. He also like subs and other stuff, and they only food he really don't like is Chinese and Japanese.

Dislikes:  Travis doesn't like it when people pick on him or any of his friends. He also don't like it when people bad mouth his cards, and he tends to duel his hardiest against these people.

Movies- Travis like going to the movies with his friends but he hates watching romance movies. However if a girl asks him to go travis don't hesitate in saying yes. His favorites however is action movies.

Travis don't like the desert, and hates it when it get really hot, but he same can be said when its really cold. Travis tends to complain when it gets either hot or cold, and likes it when its in that happy medium.

Travis was born to a pair of young parents that was madly in love with each other. Even running off to get married while still in high school. Travis was born not long after they graduated and got their own home together. His parents loved playing duel monsters but it wasn't meant to be a long life with them, as fate would have it his mother was killed while giving birth to him. His father would go on to raise travis over the next year while morning his wife. Then it would happen again travis and his father would be going over to see his grandparents when a car ran a red light and hit their car. Travis was safe being put in his car set were he couldn't get bummed around. However his father was in critical condition, and would die in mid flight to the hospital.

Travis was sent to Keiritsu to live with his grandparents. They didn't know much about the card game but they knew that his parents would want him to learn about it. So they spent their extra time when not taking care of travis to learn about the card game. It wasn't long before travis could walk and talk and started to get interested in the game himself. His grandparents had built a deck using his parents cards and had built him one to play with. It wasn't the best deck in the world but it was from his parents, so travis took good care of it, and learned the game from his grandparents getting better every day.

When travis started middle school he had became a pretty well known duelist in his circle of friends at the school. He was one of the better duelist in the school, and everyone was playing the game old school as people thought they was to young to have duel disks. Travis finally managed to convince his grandparents when he started 8th grade that he was ready for his own duel disk. His grandparents went out and paid for his first duel disk. When travis went to school with a duel disk on his arm it wasn't a weak before every duelist had a duel disk. The game became so popular that that the school decided to host a tournament and the winner of the tournament would get 20 dollars. Of course it was only for the kids, but some of the parents signed up to be judges. The game was set to take place the day after graduation, and no one could wait. It was their first tournament and travis knew that he would win this he had to. Somehow he felt like if he won it would show his parents that he was one of the best duelist in the city, and that they had left him a good deck to play with.

Over the next few weeks travis was always up in his room working on his deck or talking with his grandparents about strategy and coming up with different combination he could use with his cards. It didn't take long before he had his deck together and he knew that he would have this tournament in the bag.

Travis Hogsed finished Cd11
Affiliation: duelist
Millennium Item: N/A
Hometown: Keiritsu
Starter Deck: Yugi Moto

Travis Hogsed finished Ooc11
Roleplay Sample:
(this would be an average post I figured that one turn would be average)

This had been a tough duel it was the finals in the middle school tournament. Travis and his opponent cole had been going at it back and fourth. One would take the advantage and then loose it to they other. It was travis' turn now and he knew that he had one turn to win this game, as his opponent had just played gaia the fierce knight in attack mode. Both of them down to under 1,000 life points and it was they only card on the field. Travis didn't have any cards in his hand, so his next draw would be either his downfall or his victory. He knew he had cards that would allow him to win this game he just needed to draw them now.

Travis put his hand on his deck and pulled the card out. Looking at the card it was the card that he needed it was the change of heart magic card. This one card alone would win him the duel. Travis looked at his opponent “This game is over” he would say as he slid the card into the slot on his duel disk. Taking control of gaia he would send gaia to attack cole and win the duel.
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