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Duelist Name: Axle Zale
Age: 16
Height: 5 10
Weight: 150 lb
Birthdate: 7/21
Appearance: Profile pic

Personality: Naturally, Axle is a kind soul. He is shy around most people, often meeting their greetings with a stammer or sometimes with stunned silence. He often lives inside a shell, quiet, and drawn-inward. He always  tries to find a solution that benefits everyone before stepping in to deal with it himself. He dislikes personal conflict of any kind and will often shrink away from it, even if it involves himself. He duels because it's fun, and will often try to deny one that is requested for some other reason. Axle is a hard worker and academic, preferring to study and craft rather than go outside and hang out with other teenagers. Axle often adjusts his glasses as they constantly seem to slide off. The scarf he wears around his neck was a gift from his girlfriend on their 2nd anniversary and he wears it fondly, not caring what people say about it, or how it clashes with his outfit. Axle often sits with his girlfriend at school, either reading, chatting, or chatting about what they're reading. People who enter Axle's circle rarely stay for long, as his nervous and shy nature grates on their nerves. He isn't bothered though. He is content with who he is. His major past time is studying up on cards, reading books regarding Pegasus, eating chocolate, or doing all three at once, sometimes with his girlfriend. Axle is a multi tasker, able to do multiple things at once and do them well. Axle's at his strongest when he is required to defend something of which he believes strongly. He will debate it to the last word if he has to, abandoning his shyer persona in favor of a more confident one. Axle is at his weakest when he is surrounded by many people, all collectively making noise into that unbearable stream of white-noise. The horrible sound seems to drag his mind into a void of emptiness, preventing a thought from forming. Axle can be found, most of the time, with his girlfriend, both often smiling and laughing, chatting about the newest monster card, or the latest duel strategy. Axle is intrigued with Duel Monsters, though not to the point of obsession. He has no desire to be the absolute best, nor does he want to be the worst. He simply plays the game because its a game. Its fun!

Likes: :

Wood Crafting: Sometimes, Axle carves models of specific cards out of wooden blocks ranging from Marshmellon, to Ryu Kishin the Powered

Quiet: Axel was never one for idle conversation. Especially loud, forceful conversation. He likes the quiet of the morning or the silence of the night. He especially likes people who emulate either.

Understanding: Those who cannot see past their own nose have no place in Axle's time. He prefers people who can understand his shyness and slightly awkward personality rather than dock him for it.

Chocolate: Axle is a HUGE fan of chocolate, Milk Chocolate in particular. He often keeps little baggies of the treats in his pockets to munch on during a duel or while he's thinking.

Dislikes: -Noise: Of any kind, Axle hates it. From his duel opponents yelling at him from across the room, to the grinding of metal against itself, noise seems to make him unfocused. He especially hates it when people sneak up on him during his wood working or while he's studying.

-Ignorance - Axle's annoyance for those that cannot see the deeper picture or those that choose not to knows no bounds. People who are oblivious to someone else's feelings or their state just shows how painfully blissful they are. This ticks him off to no end.

-Being the Center of Attention- Due to Axle's personality, Axle hates it when all eyes are on him. It makes him think that if he messes up once, everything will fall down around him. To this regard, he dislikes arena matches or wide scale important duels that he is forced to take part of.

History:  Axel was only a young boy at the age of 6 when his affiliation with dueling surfaced. At first, he just enjoyed the pictures. They made him just wonder about all the imaginary battles he could have when he would get his own. One day, on his 7th birthday, his mother bought him his very first packet of yugioh cards. He was so excited that he immediately looked around his school for people to play with. He had it in his head that he was going to be the best, right there, off the bat. Every duel he participated in ended in substantial failure. He was no good at the game to start and was often mocked for his lack of skill by the other members of his class. throughout his elementary school years, he was teased, causing him to draw inward to deflect their hurtful comments. He gave up dueling as a result. Later, when he graduated and moved onto middle school, Axle's torment ended and he was left to open up a bit more, to indulge his passion for dueling once again. He would practice against himself alone, only telling the few friends he had made that he had picked up the game as a means to pass time. However, when he hit the age of 16, Axle's passion to be the best had faded, leaving only his enjoyment of the game as a game. He would occasionally request duels with others, picking up his deck every once in a while. It was half-way through his freshman year that he met the love of his life. She was so much like him. Dark long hair, glasses, shy and quiet. It must have been fate that they were placed in the same classes. Neither approached the other. Rather, it was like they drifted closer together. At lunch, one fateful Friday, they even began sitting at the same table. Axle didn't even notice her presence there until he had to adjust his glasses again. There she was, reading her own book. "Biography of Maximillian Pegasus". He had just finished that book yesterday and returned it to the library... Eventually she peeked up from her book as well and saw him looking at her. She hid behind her book and Axle went back to reading his, a small smile creeping across his face. On Monday, their teacher had assigned them groups for a project and he chose Axle to be in a group with her. For the first time sense she arrived did she say anything and for the first time ever, had she said anything to him. "H-hi. I'm Akira..." From that day on, they were inseparable. At first, they just clung to each other because they had no one else. Everyone in their class was either too loud, too pompous, too athletic, too anything. No one else could understand how the other functioned. They would drift from class to class, almost like ghosts, appearing and disappearing from each room, only speaking when their Teacher would call on them. When Axle dueled someone from his school, he could spot Akira in the front of the crowd, watching him. Eventually their bond became a tad more intimate as the projects they were assigned became more complicated. They were given a project on a hobby and it would require much research. Axle gave Akira his address and together they began to work. On Axle's only computer, they researched Duel Monsters in depth, unbeknownst to them that they were drifting ever closer.

RP Sample:

Axle stuck his deck into his duel disk

"Lets duel!" He and his opponent said simultaneously. His opponent this time was one of his old bullies from back in his elementary school days: Aran Saddler. He was one of the better duelists of the school back then, but now, He was 3rd best in the high school. He had challenged Axle out of spite, wanting to stick it to him one more time before he moved onto the upper class and below his notice. Both of them drew their five cards and the duel began. Taking the initiative, Axle drew a card from his deck.

"I'm first. Draw."

Axle took a look at his hand. La Djinn, Mysterious Puppeteer, trap hole, Ultimate offering, Kojiocky and Sogen. He could make this work.

"First. I'll play two cards face down." Axle said, slapping Ultimate Offering and Trap Hole face down on his duel disk. Holographic images of two facedown cards flickered into existence in front of him. Axle then slapped a face up monster the disk.

"I summon Kojiocky, In attack mode!" Axle said as the monster flickered to life in front of him. "I end my turn" Aran laughed, seemingly amused by the tactic. He drew his card which signaled the start of his turn.

"Ha! Nice monster for an underclassman, but check this out! I summon Vorse Raider!" As he slapped the card on the duel disk, the monster appeared with a heafty 1900 attack points. But Axle knew this would happen and had prepared for it.

"Sorry, but no. I activate trap hole." as he spoke these words, one of his holographic face-down cards flipped up, revealing the trap. Suddenly a huge hole opened up under Arran's Vorse raider and it plummeted in before the hole faded away.

"Your Vorse raider is destroyed." Axle said, slipping his trap into the grave yard. Aran did the same, his cocky smile contorted into a scowl.

"You got lucky. I end." Aran growled. Axle just shrugged and drew his next card. Mystic Clown. He smiled. It was time to get to work.

"First, I summon Mystic Clown!" Axle slapped the card on his disk and it flickered to life next to Kojiocky. "Next, I activate my face down card: Ultimate Offering. This allows me to pay 500 points and I get to normal summon another monster." Axle summoned La Djinn and it appeared next to his other monsters, a deadly trio.

"Attack." Axle commanded and his three monsters struck into Aran, reducing his 8000 life points to 2200. Aran growled and drew his next card. Then he smiled. He always did have a poor poker face.

"I Summon Battle Ox." Aran said, summoning his monster. "Then I place one card face down. I end my turn." Axle drew his card, Fissure, and stared at Aran's Face down card. It was likely a trap. Possibly mirror force. Aran had no choice but to attack. He had to get that trap off the field. He shifted all but Djinn to defense mode and had Djin attack. Aran smiled.

"Activate mirror force!" He cried and Djin was destroyed. Axle slipped his monster into the graveyard.

"Turn over..."

Other Characters: Nope

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