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Post by Jason D. Grace on Fri Aug 28, 2015 9:59 pm

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Duelist Name: Jason D. Grace
Age: 15
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 165 lbs
Birthdate: September 22
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Jason D. Grace Tdo11
Personality: Jason is, for the most part, a young and determined duelist who is new to the game. He can't help but make jokes at every chance he gets. His strong will and determination makes his dueling calm and calculated rather than that of short not thought out moves and failed duels. Having grown up in South Keiritsu he knows what it is like to be oppressed and be afraid to walk the streets at night. This is why he used to keep to himself for most of his life until he came across duel monsters and then everything changed. Now Jason tries to make friends with everyone he meets and is always excited and ready to duel. His favorite card, which he has never seen in person and is hoping for the day he has a chance to get his hands on it, is the egyptian god card Slifer the Sky Dragon. When he witnessed the tournament four years ago and saw the majesty that was Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon and The Winged Dragon of Ra he immediately fell in love. He knew there was only one copy of each of those cards but he was determined to one day get his hands on his favorite.
Likes: Jason likes a lot of different things. The two things he likes the most in the world are duel monsters and the egyptian god card Slifer the Sky Dragon. His favorite thing to do is duel, whether it be with someone he just met off the street or his best friend. He also likes the feeling of opening a new pack of cards, the rush he gets when coming across a card he hasn't seen before or doesn't own. He also enjoys pizza and french fries. Of course don't forget that he loves winning the many duels that he gets involved in. Even though he is considered a people person he does enjoy time to himself sometimes, listening to music and working on his deck build.
Dislikes: Jason doesn't dislike many things. One of the few things he does dislike very much is losing duels. He absolutely can't stand it. Another thing that Jason doesn't like is when people pick on those weaker than them. He hates seeing someone bullying another person around just because they are bigger or have better cards than the other person. Another thing that Jason doesn't like is following rules or orders. Actually Jason just doesn't like authority figures or being told what to do. He would much rather break the rules and do things his own way. Jason also doesn't like when people take his food from him or try to make him share his food. It's his and he doesn't want to share it so get your own.
History: Jason was born in a small rundown part of South Keiritsu to his mother Emily and his father Kaito. He was the second child to the family after his older sister Maya who was three when Jason was born. They didn't have much money and Jason's parents both worked two jobs just so they could support Jason and Maya. When Jason was two years old his parents split up. Jason lived with his mother and his sister Maya lived with their father. Jason was lonely and had little to know friends. One day when his mother was working and he was home alone he decided to go out and explore. Probably not the best idea for a five year old in South Keiritsu to do but Jason didn't care about that. See he wasn't afraid of the streets like most kids would be. It wasn't the first time he had gone out on his own either. But this time was different. This time Jason came across something that would change his life. When he was making his way down a dark alley around sunset, he found something lying on the street. It was a card that was face down. He recognized it as a duel monsters card even though he had never played the game himself before. Mostly because he didn't know much about it and he didn't have anyone to play the game with. Jason bent down to pick up the card and when he saw what it was his face brightened up from the sullen straight faced look he usually wore.

The card he had found was none other than the rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon. It looked to be in mint condition too. Even Jason had heard of this card before. It was very rare. There were only four copies ever printed and now one of them was his. He took the card and ran straight home, hiding it away somewhere safe so that no one would ever steal his treasure. That was the first card Jason had ever gotten and it started him on his path to dueling. The next day he made his way out to a place he knew was full of duelists and began to watch them play, learning as much as he could about the game. He even managed to make a few friends who put together some of their extra cards to make Jason his first ever duel monsters deck. Jason continued to go to this place every day for the next few years and continuously got better at the game. His Blue-Eyes White Dragon card was becoming famous in South Keiritsu and he was getting a lot of challenges for it. Two of the challenges brought Jason some more rare cards. One of which was the spell card Raigeki and another was an effect monster card called Dark Ruler Ha Des. Those two together with his Blue-Eyes White Dragon card and his natural skill at the game made him one of the best duelists in South Keiritsu at the time.

When Jason was eleven years old he heard about a large dueling tournament taking place that would be broadcasted on live television. Of course being an up and coming duelist he decided he was going to watch the tournament no matter what. That was another moment that changed Jason's life. He managed to see three incredible cards, Obelisk the Tormentor, The Winged Dragon of Ra and last but certainly not least Slifer the Sky Dragon. Those cards were incredible. He only managed to see a little bit of them because something happened that caused the tournament to stop being broad casted. What Jason didn't know was that it was the shadow games that had made it impossible for the news coverage to continue showing the tournament. All Jason knew was that his new favorite card, Slifer the Sky Dragon, had been won in that tournament along with the other two 'God Cards'. One of them, The Winged Dragon of Ra, was won by the current leader of the UDC who was in Honshoku. Since Jason had made it his goal to see all three of these cards in person one day and to get his hands on the Slifer card he did his best to convince his mother to move to Honshoku. Unfortunately this meant leaving his sister behind but Jason made a promise that he would come back for her some day. When Jason was thirteen his mother had finally managed to save enough money for them to move to Honshoku. His dueling prowess had even spread to the UDC by this time and so not long after they settled into their new home the UDC came knocking on the door trying to recruit Jason to their cause.

It didn't take much convincing for Jason to join them, after all his goal was to see the three God Cards and the leader of the UDC had one of them. From then on out Jason did as the UDC told him to do and worked his way up the latter trying his best to get close to the UDC's leader. To this day his goal is still to get his hands on Slifer the Sky Dragon and nothing will stop him from obtaining this goal.

Jason D. Grace Cd11
Affiliation: UDC
Millennium Item: N/A
Hometown: Honshoku
Starter Deck: Yugi Moto

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Roleplay Sample: Do i really need to write this?
Faceclaim: some random anime guy

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